Tuesday, November 26, 2013

3 Ways to use the do the same thing: Color Scheme

When it comes to a party, you want everything to match, but sometimes it can get a little much.
Variety within the same color scheme, or pattern is key! Pictured above are three banners all for one party. But each one is a little different.

1) Name banner: This one uses medium purple scallops with 4 different patterned papers. Butterflies on the ends.
2) High chair banner: We alternated a light purple and medium purple scallop with three of the patterned papers. Butterflies on the ends.
3) Name banner: Light purple scallops and the exact same patterned paper, but in a different line up. Butterflies on the ends.

With all of these differences we needed some constants. Some things that did NOT change.

1) Butterflies: It's the theme so it has to be a constant. Every single butterfly is exactly the same: Medium purple scallop. Pink chevron patterned wings with light purple outline on the wing and a teal antenna.
2) Letters: All the letters are teal with a white shadow to really make it pop off the patterned paper.
3) Ribbon: Each banner is tied exactly the same. Tulle with a skinny colored ribbon (teal, light purple, medium purple, and pink)
4) Patterns: Even though we used 5 different patterned paper (pink chevron, purple polka dot, purple damask, and light pink polka dot) we used the same ones in each banner.

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