Saturday, December 27, 2014

Fireman mickey party!

We had a custom request for a fireman Mickey!! Of course I can never turn down a challenge!!

So here is the adorable little fireman mickey and his firetruck party that was created!!

High chair banner:

And the birthday banner 

It was a joint brothers party so here is the fire truck with both of their ages!

Close up on Fireman mickey!

The full banner with the boys' names too!

email us at: for more information!

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Farm animals party, revamped!

This fall, we participated in a couple of auctions to raise money for two mothers who tragically and suddenly lost their babies. 

This revamped farm animals party is a result of one of these auctions.

Owen is a little boy in Canada who is turning 1!

Welcome sign:

Personalized Cake topper:

personalized centerpiece

And the banner!! She requested that we add the chicken and a goat so I designed a brand new goat! 

Look at this adorable new, unique to R&R Creations goat! love him!

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A fall celebration

Fall is a beautiful time to have a party! 
Here is our fall, pumpkin and scarecrow themed birthday banner!!

Completely ONE OF A KIND and unique to our shop! email us at for more details! :)

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Elephant baby sprinkle

Our elephant theme has been popular for baby boys and I have been dying to do it in girl colors!! :)  Turned out pretty cute with pink and purple. 

Here is a mini centerpiece! She wanted to incorporate rain drops along with the elephants for this sprinkle.

It's a girl banner with lots of tulle and cuteness!

Here are our new hanging delicate garlands! I LOVE these! They just hang so beautifully and can be done in any theme!

to see these in our shop, click here

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Dr. Seuss Party

Little Jesiah is turning 1 and he is having a HUGE celebration!

Here are a few of the items we whipped up to help his celebration be a huge success!!

Personalized centerpiece

I love all of the detail of the 3D "Happy Birthday"

another centerpiece featuring different characters!

High chair banner

Place cards/ food tents!

12 month photo montage banner!

And finally a welcome sign!

He of course also had our famous birthday banner!!

Happy 1st birthday, Jesiah!!

To see all of our Dr. Seuss items click here

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The Lorax party

So excited about this SUPER colorful party........ The LORAX inspired birthday party!!


Full birthday banner (sorry it is a little washed out in the photo....) Natalie of course HAD to be in the picture! :)

Shot showing off all of the bright colors and the truffla trees!

Welcome sign

and the 12 month montage banner!

See this in our shop here

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Bubble Guppies Birthday banner

Bubble guppies inspired birthday banner!!

Oh my goodness, this party is so cute I cannot stand it! :) 

It was quite a bit of work to capture all of the detail of these cuties, but I am REALLY proud of what we came up with!

check this banner out here

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super hero party extras!

Recently we did a super hero party for one of my good friend's son, Evan who turned 1! He had a super hero themed birthday party!

Here are the cupcake toppers we did for him.

Complete with an extra special mini superhero for his smashcake cupcake and one of his older sister so no jealously issues would happen. haha! (always need to be prepared!) 

I love how the whole cupcake tower came out!

I also created a 12 month montage for him to show off how much he has grown in the past year! Rather than put it on a ribbon, we wanted to take up a little more wall space so we did the flat montage instead.

check out our super hero extras in our etsy shop here:

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