Monday, November 19, 2012

winter onederland montage

Oh my goodness, I am SO excited about this one! :) For my daughter's 1st birthday I also did a winter One-derland theme. In fact, it was our VERY FIRST party we did that started R&R Creations in the first place! :)
You could say we have come a LONG way from those days though even though it was only a year ago! So we thought with the winter coming soon it was time to spruce it up and come up with something a little more to our standards today!
So we present....... our winter One-derland 12 month photo montage!

The one we took pictures of is for a girl, but we can also do one for a boy! :) Also a great shot of our sparkle blue ribbon! Love it!
The banner has a spot for NB- 12 months and each snowflake is attached to a small clip for easy attaching of the photo of your little one!


And a close up on our snowman! Complete with jewel embellishment and a personalized hat! :)

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