Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday link of support- beautiful homes!

A friend I met in college.... The University of Dayton.... Go FLYERS! Has opened up her own interier design studio!!/LIVVInteriorDesignsAbbyDahlinghaus

or you can look at the official company site here: (where Abby was featured!!)

I know I am super creative when it comes to paper, but my house.......... another story. When clients come to me and say "I have zero creativity so I'm relying on you here" that's exactly how I feel when it comes to home decore! I am in need of some serious help there! My "temporary home" has now become a 7+ year stay and I'm HOPING that we move sometime soon!

When we do, I will be needing a LOT of help setting up my new, more "permanent" place. :) I'll definitely look Abby up! :)

To beautiful homes that house our beautiful family! <3 Pin It Now!

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