Sunday, February 23, 2014

New invitation format-- LALALOOPSY invitations!

Recently we got some feedback from our customers that it would be great if we created some lower price point invitations. Our ever popular tri-fold invitations are great, but they take so much material and time to hand make, that it is really driving up the cost of each invite.
So we have no come up with these two new options!! Very similar, but less materials and time and therefore, lower cost!
Here is our flat invite:

We still use the die cut and popped off with a 3D block, it just doesn't open.
And the event details are printed on the back.

Or..... we also have this band version! With the character popped off with a 3D block on top of a removable band for that extra touch!
The back is the same as the flat invitation

These can be done for all of our themes and invitations! So contact us at for more information as we are still in the process of loading these options into our shop.
Thanks!!! Happy party planning!

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