Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Crafting with kiddos- bird feeder

Natalie is having a hard time (as am I!) with this cold weather and not getting to go out to play!
So today we decided to try something different to switch up our usual crafting routine.... we made a bird feeder!!
What you need: peanut butter, an empty toilet paper roll (or pine cone- preferable, but I didn't have one), string, scissors and wild bird seed.
First we put peanut butter all over the toilet paper roll and then Natalie rolled it back and forth on a plate with some seed on it.

Then putting the finishing touches on with sprinkling on the bird seed where there is space

Then I strung some string through it and tied it so that it could be hung from a tree.
All done! And so proud!

Hanging outside!

Unfortunately, it is quite cold out still...... so not too many birds out right now. haha! oops, mommy fail!
But........... there were a few hungry squirrels that were very happy to partake in the seeds, so I'll call it a success. :)

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