Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Throwing a party outside of your home--- what you need

So this year with the birth of our son just two months ago, we decided to have our daughter's 3rd birthday party outside of our home. We traditionally do it at home so that I can have the ability to really decorate like mad for the party, but cleaning before and after with a newborn baby just wasn't happening.
I decided to throw her party at The Little Gym, where Natalie takes gymnastics class. I was completely shocked when I found out I had 10 minutes to set up for her party between when the first party was over and when her friends would arrive.
I took a deep breath and viewed it as an exercise of what to recommend to our clients as a lot of people are in the same situation of not having much time or control over how their party looks.
So here are the top items we would recommend that are quick to setup and are sure to make your party look great!
1.) A birthday banner- OBVIOUSLY! You want to give the guest of honor the shout out that they deserve!! :) We can personalize all of our banners to have the age and name of your child in ANY theme and ANY color combination!
Here was Natalie's birthday banner:
2.) A cake topper or cupcake toppers- This is a subtle way to tie everything together and it just looks so darn cute! ***PLEASE NOTE**** We said, subtle! So many times, people think you need a cupcake topper for EVERY cupcake. We do not recommend you do that as it starts to look too crowded and takes away from the simple cute factor. We recommend 1/2-1/3 of the cupcakes have toppers. For example, I had 36 cupcakes and made 18 toppers.
Natalie's cake topper for our cake we had the night before during our family celebration

Which I then reused at the topper of her cupcake tower!! I LOVE the way it turned out!!

3.) Hanging decorations-- I didn't acutally hang these, but put them on the wall with sticky tack and it litterally took me two minutes! :) Some places will allow you to hang things from the ceiling, but others won't, so be sure to find out ahead of time! I just put them on the wall so it would be quicker.
We typically package our hanging decorations in sets of 5s, and I'm not sure how I would classify what I did for this party, but I would say 2 sets would be perfect.

4.) Favor bags/tags- Most people give favors at the end of the party, so why not continue on with your theme to make it personalized and even more adorable? Here is a great way to give anything as your favor, but still keep it within your theme and coordinating!

The favor tags can be any item from your theme, or a shadow with a "Thanks" on it! I did the full characters and then wrote the name of each child so the favors would be personalized.
We offer favor bags already assembled, or you can do it yourself and save! Simply affix the die cut to any bag with glue, or for a detailed look....a 3D foam block!

So there you have it! The less than 10 minute fabulous party set up! :) Happy party planning!

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