Monday, January 20, 2014

DIY shirts in ANY theme

Oh my goodness, I am just SO excited about this!!

For my daughter's birthday, she choose a very unusual theme so finding a personalized shirt was basically impossible. So in the midnight hour of planning the party, I had an eureka moment! I can MAKE them myself.

Let me preface this by saying I do NOT sew and I am actually not that good at being crafty. (Just PAPER! haha!)

I bought this at walmart:

Avery printable iron ons.

Here are the super simple steps involved:

1. google images from your theme
2. save and import into microsoft word
3. print on your ink jet
4. cut out the image as close to the actual image as possible.
5. placing the shirt on a table on top of a pillow case, iron on at the cotton setting. (Also need the waxy paper provided)
6. allow to cool
7. wash in the washing machine inside out
8. dry on low in the dryer.

*** Step 7 and 8 I did not anticipate so I was lucky I did it with a few hours to go before her party.

I then decorated the back as well! I put a cutting board in between the layers of the shirt (once the front of the shirt had dried) and it worked really well!!!

Here are the final products!
Personalized with name and age!

One for little Gavin too!

And the front!


I'm sooooooooooooooo excited and addicted to this!! :) It was SO easy and I just love that the possibilities are endless!!
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