Sunday, January 12, 2014

crafting with toddlers- handprint turkey

Here is a fun way to preserve your child's handprint AND do something fun with them!
Although this is something my daughter and I did for thanksgiving, it can easily be adjusted to fit any holiday or season. :)
You will need:
1. google eyes
2. an empty toilet paper roll
3. construction paper or scrapbook paper
I traced my daughter's hand once and then used that as a stencil to make it easier to trace since it was SO HARD to keep her holding still! haha!

I cut a full set in each color.....

But only ended up needing one set! It looked too busy with all six hand prints.

Glue the google eyes on with elmers glue, hot glue or even our favorite..... the martha stewart glue pen. I also cut out the beak and gobble thing (what's that called? lol) out by hand to make it extra turkey like.
SO CUTE!! You can also do something similar for reindeer antlers! Stay tuned as I'm sure we will do it! :)

Happy crafting!!

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