Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Throwing a party- Favors for different age groups

Many times at a party, there are different age groups.
For my daughter's party I split the party into three groups. The 4 and above, the threes, and the younger siblings or 1 and younger.
For the four and above, I found lego friends and a hello kitty lip balm
For the threes, (the majority of the kids) I did playdough and a playpack--I was aiming for a "restaurant survival  gift" for the parents. These playpacks are great! They include crayons, a coloring book and stickers....... usually for $1 at target or micheals and they come in so many different themes!
Then for the younger siblings, we did playdough (who doesn't love playdough?) and a pouch. Again........ restaurant survival!! :)

Obviously it isn't necessary to do different favors for different ages, but when I was putting this party together, I was looking for ideas....... so wanted to share!! :)

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