Monday, December 23, 2013

Natalie's TOTORO party!

My "baby" girl just turned 3!!!

She has been dreaming of a TOTORO party for months now! It was both heart warming and nerve wracking at the same time!

"My Neighbor Totoro" was one of my FAVORITE movies growing up! I spent most of my childhood in Japan and when I was in the US watching pretty much all Japanese movies, so when my daughter took interest in it and LOVED it, it was so exciting!!

It was certainly going to be a challenge to create this very unique party for her though! :) Good thing mama has been doing this business now for two years!!

So here we go!!

Here is her birthday banner! I went with a completely different look than our usual scallop shape that you see in most of our banners. Totoro takes place in the woods and is very nature based, so leaves and acorns made the most sense. I was SO excited with how it all turned out! So simple with only one layer instead of 2-3 that we usually do, but it makes the whole thing really pop! :)

I also strung it through with twine for a very natural look.

Next up, cupcake toppers! Complete with three different charchters from the movie, her initial and age!

Then we have our "hanging decorations" wall. They can hang from the ceiling, or be put up on the wall. I LOVED how this wall came together with the charchters from the movie and her name in Japanese. (opens up so many more possibilites for parties when it doesn't have to be in english!)

Here is the birthday girl in her home made birthday shirt! (more on that in another entry!)

Having a ball!!

Favor bags!! With the three different charachters for the three different age groups we had at the party! (More on that in another entry)

Can't forget the cameo appearance by her little brother, Gavin! He was so cooporate and supportive of his sister's birthday in his own little home made Totoro shirt. *swoon*
(please excuse the missing sock! haha!)

Mama Rachel helping out with the little guy so I could take pics and enjoy Natalie's party.
**LOVE HER!!** So lucky to have her as my business partner!

Natalie and her daper boyfriend, Wes!

Having a ball with all of her playgroup friends!

It started snowing like crazy an hour before her party, so we were so thankful that her friends all came out to help celebrate despite the weater! So lucky to have such great people in our lives!

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