Sunday, September 22, 2013

Toddler Time!-Flash Cards!

Being a teacher I am always looking for new interesting ways to teach my son things. He knows the letters of the alphabet (most of the time....), but I wanted to do more with letters. So I got a few things to focus on that!
Flashcards, although boring, are a great teaching tool, if you know how to use them! There are TONS of games you can play with all different levels.
Here are some games you can play using something as simple as flashcards:
1) Bring your flashcards with you on a walk. Pull out a letter and ask your little one to find that letter. If your child is older you can find things that start with that letter.
2) Find all the cards with the letters in your name!
3) Sort the cards. Your can put them in ABC order, or sort by the pictures. All fruit in one pile, nature, animals...
4) Matching. Get two sets and have your little one find matching cards.
5)Line up the cards on the floor. Have your little one close their eyes and take a card away. See if they can figure out what's missing!

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