Sunday, September 8, 2013

Picky Eaters

As moms we always want what is best for our children, but we also need to step wisely and pick our battles. However, we were determined to WIN THIS BATTLE!!!
 The Battle Of The Picky Eater is one most mom's can relate to. It was getting to the point where we didn't care WHAT they ate as long as food was being digested into those little bellies!
Then, one fine afternoon, desperate and looking for a new spin on meals, Mama Reina decided to give the "sectioned plate" a try. And....It worked! So of course she told me and I hopped on the sectioned plate train!

There are so many reasons this is an awesome idea:
1) It forces me to have a variety of well balanced food in the house to choose from.
2) It gives the child options. He can choose what to eat first, second, third...
3) It helps decrease the serving sizes of the not-so-great stuff, while still allowing them a little bit!
4) It allows me to put something new on the plate without him getting upset, because there are two or three other things he knows he likes to eat.

Here is my happy boy after his first sectioned plate meal!
Clockwise: cheese, pasta (from our leftover family dinner), pretzels, pear slices.
He even ate more after this!
Other options:
half a sandwich
chips and guacamole
shredded cheese
honey and apples
veggies with ranch dressing
pita and hummus
chicken nuggets and ketchup
grilled cheese
fruit cups
nutella on toast
celery and peanut butter
granola bar
cottage cheese
granola with yogurt
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