Sunday, August 18, 2013

crafting with kiddos- finger paint!

So I must admit that with being a little over five weeks away from my due date, I've been a little less than creative with entertaining my two and half year old. She's been watching a lot of TV, which is fine, but it's more than I would normally like.
Finally one day the guilt got to me and I decided I needed to come up with some new activities for her to do that she could on her own without a WHOLE lot of me running around with her.
I got this GIANT easel pad and WASHABLE (that's key!) finger paint as well as an easel by pottery barn off of amazon.
I put it all on a paper plate for her to mix together as she pleased
It took her a few minutes to get over the "mess" factor and realize it was ok for her hands to be "dirty"
So serious!!

My little Picasso at work! :) I just love the little undies and this Melissa and doug painters smock!

So proud of herself! "I LOVE painting!!!!!"

Great success! It kept her REALLY busy for a good 20 minutes which was just enough time to get some lunch prepared for the two of us. :) Or, in a few short weeks, I'm hoping she can do this while I nurse!
The clean up was then SO simple! Just used a wet washcloth and it all came off immediately!!! Gotta love that!
We have since expanded a little bit to include singing songs and painting those songs. More on that in a future entry!
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