Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Link of Support: Vistaprint

We love to add special touches to our packages! We started out making individual thank you notes that matched the party we had just created. This took so much time and used up a lot of our blank thank you notes we were suppose to be selling!
So we decided to look into, and boy are we glad we did!!! We got adorable matching note cards, business cards and labels for our business! We went with a super cute owl theme:
The thank you notecards have our etsy shop as well as email address for people to contact us!
We used to spend a lot of money on ink and blank labels. We would constantly be printing more and more labels since we put them on everything from our initiations to our welcome signs! The new labels have our email, etsy shop and blog information!

Our old business cards were simply printing from our computer on cardstock and them cut. It was fine to use in the beginning, but we really wanted something more "official"
 since we have reached over 350 sales on etsy and over 27,500 views on our blog!
Front: names, and all our info!
Back: "Bringing perfectly adorable parties to your home from our since 2012."

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