Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Link of Support

Museums can be hard with children, but they are a great teaching tool! Children can learn so much from museums so I wanted to give to a list of top museums good for kids!

Please Touch Museum, Philadelphia, PA

The Please Touch Museum: Philadelphia, PA: Best Part: The Alice in Wonderland floor where children can paint the roses red. The town is always a hit too with everything from a grocery store to a hosiptal!

Children's Museum Indianapolis: Indianapolis, IN-Largest children's museum in the US!! Best part: The dinosuar exhibit: "Dinosphere".

Port Discovery: Balitmore, MD: Themed areas from Egypt to a farm! Adventure Expeditions allows kids to travel back in time to 1920’s Egypt and search for a Pharaoh’s lost tomb, decoding hieroglyphics along the way in an educational detective puzzle of sorts.

Bostons Children's Museum: Boston, MA: Best Part: Construction Zone, based on Boston’s "Big Dig" allows kids to jackhammer, walk on “high beam” girders, and even ride in real Bobcat.

Brooklyn's Children Museum: Brookly, NY. Best Part: Neighborhood Nature, kids can explore the various natural habitats found here, from woodland fields to ocean tide pools.

COSI: Center of Science and Industry, Columbus, OH: Best part:  “little kidspace®”, a 10,000 square foot area for kids not yet in first grade, designed by early education experts.

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