Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's day craft and keepsake

Mother's day is tomorow and like the rest of you mamas out there, I'm sure every year, it just seems to go too quickly! These little ones grown too fast!!
I saw these cute little hand print heart cards on Pintrest that I had been meaning to try and thought that Mother's day was a perfect opportunity to try it out!
We tried many times, but I think maybe Natalie's hands are still too small to make to work as the cards I was hoping it would be, but at least I'm left with a cute little keepsake to always remember just how small her hands were!
To start, I took a piece of scrapbook paper, cut it half and then folded one of the halfs in half. So a 6X12 sheet.
I placed natatlie's hand on the edge where the fold was and tried to get her thumb and pointer finger to stay in a spot where when I cut it would be a heart. She didn't want to hold her hand very still after about the fourth time. haha!

then it was mommy's turn. Natalie loves taking turns tracing eachother's hands. :)

Practicing tracing her own hand

then we cut it out!

The finished product! Ideally you would have the pointer fingers touching too so that it makes a heart. I tried four or five times and I think her hands are just too small still to make it work right. Maybe this would be perfect for a 4-5 year old?

I still got a cute little keepsake to put in her scrapbook though so I can always remember how small her hands were. <3

Happy Mother's day to all of you!! <3
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