Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fun with Toddlers-Memorial Day Craft!

Happy Memorial Day! Here is a cute craft we did this weekend to celebrate!
Red, white and blue poms (any craft store will have them!)
A piece of paper
Cut the paper into any shape you want-we did a star but any shape will look cute!
 Since we have been practicing our colors, we glued the poms by color onto the points of the star. I asked him what color he wanted to use (I only had red, white and blue as options) and them reminded him to only use that color. I put glue around the edged of one section at a time.
He liked that some of the poms were different sizes since he's been investigating "tiny" and "big" things lately.
Here is our Memorial Day star craft! Hope it inspired you to get creative with your little ones!
We would love to see what crafts you are doing with your little ones! Email us photos and we will post them the following sunday for our Toddler Time entry!
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