Saturday, April 27, 2013

Real life parties- Pink preppy whale party

A mama in our playgroup, Emily is ready to POP with her 2nd baby girl! But even though that may be the case, she put on an adorable and fun party for her daughter Ellie's 2nd birthday!

Here is a family shot! Ellie was really excited!

Natalie exploring the back yard. She had lots of fun activities outside for the toddlers to do!  I also matched Natalie's outfit to match the party since I knew the colors! :)

The birthday girl! Adorable pic and such a cute outfit! (also coordinated, of course!)

And here is the banner we did for her! 

She did a great set up for it with a chalkboard showing all of Ellie's' favorites at age 2

Want to see the whole party and set up? Check out her blog here
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