Wednesday, April 24, 2013

paper doll cupcake toppers!

A mama who has worked with us before requested that we help her with a "career day" themed birthday party for a nine year old girl!

She asked us for some cupcake toppers that would fit that theme and specifically requested a teacher, a writer and a fashion designer! I decided to go with adorable personalized paper dolls!

Here is the whole gang!

Close up on the cops! She asked for just a few boys since there were be a few boys at the party, so I made both girl and boy cops!

Next up, the writer! Her note pad sticks up with a 3D block!

Speaking of 3D accessories, the teacher also has a 3D apple! (along with adorable roman sandals!!)

Then we have a little fashionista--- the fashion designer!

Now the pair of doctors! (wearing.... crocs! It's the little things....)

Finally, the ballerina! :)

Hope she has a great birthday!!

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