Monday, April 29, 2013

Hello from Japan!

Konichiwa!! Hello from Japan! 

Thanks to Rachel for holding down the fort while my family and I travel to Japan for two weeks to introduce my daughter and husband to my family and celebrate my cousin's wedding! :) 

Here are a few highlights from our trip so far!

Visiting the Ueno Zoo near Tokyo. They are famous for having a panda and all I heard from Natalie for the weeks before our trip was "Pandas in Japan!!" so she was very excited to go!

We visited the Ninja museum. As some of  your remember Natalie's Ninja Hello Kitty Birthday Party 
she had a blast and enjoyed the Ninja show! :) (pictured with her grandfather too!)

Visiting the "white phoenix" castle and proving baby #2 was there too!!

Natalie trying to see the Golden Pavilion :)  LOVE how she is standing on her tippy toes!! <3

Hanging out with her grandmother at a temple in Kyoto, Japan up in the mountains. GORGEOUS view!

Once we returned to my hometown of Kumamoto, we visited the pre-school that my mother and I attended as children. My aunt now is the principle there and arranged for Natalie to visit and play with the kids. :)

And the main event! My cousin Saori (who was really more like a sister to me growing up) married her sweetheart, Daisuke on Sunday, April 28th! Natalie was a flower girl equivalent. :) She was a little overwhelmed by the whole experience, but I did manage to get a cute photo of her calm. :-p

It's been a great trip and there is still more to come, but I will be returning soon to the US to hit the ground running on all of our upcoming ADORABLE parties! 

See you soon! :)

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