Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fun with Toddlers-Flour Senory Bin Activity

My son can spend hours play in the kitchen sink...making bubbles, changing the color of the water with food coloring, putting his tub toys in and out...but I wanted to try a different sensory activity with him.
You can do this with anything: flour, sand, sugar, rice....all you need are some small objects to put inside for him/her to investigate! I had some some colorful plastic shapes that we used in the flour.

I gave him lots of "tools" to use: a strainer, measuring spoons, ice tray (for sorting), and a measuing cup. We investigated all these tools together to see how they worked! Then I let him go to town!

He loved finding the shapes and having a specific place to put them.
Eventually we added water to the flour and made a complete mess!

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