Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter! DIY bunny paw prints

Happy Easter to our readers!!
This year for Easter, I wanted to do something extra special for my little munchkin.
So while she was napping, I made bunny paw prints that would lead from her room to the "hidden" Easter basket! :)
Here is the template that you can use to make your own!!
 I cut the shadow of the paw out in light pink, light purple and teal. Then I cut the pads out in white.
The finished paw prints!
leading to the basket!

And then I cut a bunny at 11" off of the create a critter cricut cartridge. :) This was the Easter bunny's helper as I told Natalie. He was supposed to help her find the basket! She LOVED this bunny! She carried it around all night and even requested that it be put to bed with her tonight. <3

Her Easter basket! A new dress, stickers, a new DVD, sidewalk chalk and two eggs filled with a few M&Ms which worked as a shaker egg until she figured out there was candy in there! haha!

Great success! :)


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