Sunday, February 10, 2013

Crafts with Toddlers!

It's almost Valentine's Day!
So I have some heart crafts to show you! I hope you liked them, the kids loved doing them!
The first one is pretty simple. I just had my son paint on regular paper. Then I cut out a silver heart and trimmed down his painting to fit behind the heart! When you put it in the window the light shines through a little and looks really nice!
This "stain glass" heart we did in our play group with all six kids! It is VERY easy as well. Just rip or cut some tissue into small pieces. Then get some clear contact paper. We cut ours into 6 inch thich pieces. Unwrap HALF of the contact paper and let them put the tissue paper on it. Then unwrap the other half and fold it over. Cut into a heart! Add a hole and some ribbon for hanging and TADA!
This last one was done with paper hearts, red pom poms, and some glittery hearts I found on sale at Michaels! I just cut some hearts out. and then let the kiddies glue the poms and hearts down!
Check back on Valentine's Day for a step by step of this last one with the kiddies!

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