Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday link of support- Cris and Lou music!

As I was planning my daughter's 2nd birthday party, I found that our guest list kept growing and growing!! Guess this is what happens when all of your friends simaltaneously start having babies!! :)

So with us expecting over 30 babies/toddlers and 50+ adults..... we would have LOVED to have had the party outside in a park or somewhere else open and spacious...... but my daughter's birthday is in December, and we live in the north east...... so we decided to host the big party in our humble home. :)

I wanted to do SOMETHING to bring a little something extra to her party instead of the usual hang out, eat, open presents type thing. Additionally, I wanted to provide a break for the mamas and papas and entertain the kids FOR them.

So I decided on musical entertainment, since Natalie loves to dance and now "sing" along with me!

The little treehouse (a fun place for toddlers and kids to play indoors while providing a great cafe and relaxing space for parents to relax while kids play) has a list on their website that has a few suggested entertainers for parties and I found these two..... Chris and Lou and they were great!! Very easy to work with, reasonably priced (I called around to quite a few places) and the kids had a great time with them! :)

They focus on original songs as well as the beloved favorites. They have lots of songs about sharing, and cleaning up and even potty training! Very relevant stuff for these little toddlers! :) They sang for about 30 min. and brought home made instruments as well! (which gave some of us some ideas on how to make them ourselves to play with at home too!) The kids were entertained the whole time and the parents had fun too! Natalie was GLUED to Cris and Lou the WHOLE time. That means they MUST be good! Not even Elmo or Hello Kitty can do that! *wink*

Natalie having an awesome time singing, dancing and clapping along! :) And you can see her little boyfriend, Wes right behind her in the argyle (LOVE!) sweater having a ball too! :)

Cris showing Natalie the "Itsy bits Spider"

Lou rocking out and Natalie's friend Liam LOVED it!! :)

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