Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sprinkled with love... Baby shower!

Together Reina and I pulled off an amazing sprinkle for my baby girl coming at the end of Feb!
The invites went out about a month in advance:
I made this banner: "It's a girl" and used tissue poms and paper discs to decorate!

Here are the paper discs and the sonogram banner I made to showcase a few of the good ones!
I made this "sprinkles with love" sign for the dining room:

We did tons of games including melting baby ice cubes, "how big is mommy?", onesie decoration compition and how well do you know the mommy to be?
Favors were hand sanitizers and chocolates!
Cupcake toppers were onesies and birds (the theme of the party!)

Colors match the babies room so I can now put some of the poms and discs in her room to decorate!
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