Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ninja Hello Kitty birthday party!

The day has come.... by "baby" is two! As some of our readers know, I come for a family of marital artists, so it was only right that my daughter follow in the family footsteps.

She is also very into Hello Kitty ***grin*** Gee..... I wonder where she got that from? haha!

So I present to you, our readers..... my daughter's NINJA HELLO KITTY party!

My little muchkin wearing the gi (martial arts uniform) I wore when I was hear age!

The main wall! OMG, I am obsessed and so pleased with how this all came out!!!

we took one color and twisted for the middle and the on the ends, did double colors. LOVE how easy it was, but helped to break up a very large wall that clashed with my party colors. I honestly considered repainting the room, but my husband put a stop to that. haha!

We also made these tissue poms and the matching discs to hang with the giant Hello Kitty face. 

Cupcake toppers!!! Featuring the Ninja HK, HK bow with "2" and of course it wouldn't be a ninja party without..... Shuriken! (ninja stars)

Personalized favor bags! Pink for girls and white for boys! Inside was a small container of play dough, two small bubble jars, a sheet of stickers and a hand folded origami Shuriken! :) The Hello kitties were popped off with 3D blocks and the back was closed with a label which had a note from Natalie thanking everyone for coming. 

The gift table pre-guests! 

Hello Kitty banner! complete with tulle and sparkle black ribbon!

Centerpiece for the gift table!

Poms that we made!

The full effect!

Welcome sign with lots of 3D action (of course!)

Hanging decorations on the coat closet as people came in. Tutorial on how to make the discs coming up!

Since we were expecting 30 of Natalie's closest friends (and their parents!) we hired some entertainers to come and sing some songs with an acoustic guitar. They had some creative songs and it was fun for the kids and a nice break for the parents! :)

Since this is her 2nd birthday party, a full NB-24 month montage didn't really make sense, but I wanted to showcase how much she has grown and changed over the last two years. So we made a montage with the word "TRAINING" and added photos of her in her gi from 10 weeks to 2 years old! It was fun to come up with something new and creative!

Costume change!! haha, such a diva. :) Full outfit from a fellow etsy shop!

Who is this little person and what happened to my baby?!?! 

Love this little girl!! <3 And she was quite pleased with her loot!

Thank you for letting me share my daughter's big day with you! Another job well done by R&R Creations! :)

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