Sunday, December 2, 2012

It's all about the app!

In the age of technology children are quick to grasp the concept of anything electronic! Our toddlers have been playing with ipads and iphones for months now, so we have have time to scour the apps available for children and find some great apps! Our top pick is as follows:

1) ANY Fisher Price app! First of all,
they are FREE! And second, they don't have huge ads for the kids to accidently hit and get switched to a new page. There are tons, from counting the animals.

2) Piano's are great too! Kids love music! There are many out there! I use Baby Piano:

3) My son LOVES trucks! I found this app that has TONS of different trucks and vehicles. The kids can touch different parts and see what it does and they explain all about the truck! Its called Kids Vehicles.

4) Last one isn't an app but it helps when your child plays with your iphone or ipad! Its a case to go on the phone which blocks any buttons from being pushed! And it's fisher price so you know it's good!
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