Sunday, December 30, 2012

Holiday Crafts with Toddlers!

Even though christmas has come and gone, we want to keep sharing the joy and fun of this festive season! Here is an activity we did with the kids before christmas!
You could obviously do this with any shape, not just a christmas tree. :)
Step 1:
Cover the table with paper or table cloth as you WILL get glue on your table! :)
Step 2: provide some kind of shape cut out of cardstock or construction paper. (we can always cut a shape for you if you need our help!)
Step 3: Spread some elmers glue on the shape and give the kids a paint brush so that they can spread the glue. You may need to help them a little bit so that there is glue all over the whole thing.

Step 4: put out a pile of puffs! We got these at Micheals. There was a ton of different sizes and colors in one pack so that was great! One bag could easily work for four kids. Another more economical option would be to use plain white cotton balls. We are going to be doing a snowman craft in our play group at our next playdate and we will use the cotton balls. :)
Step 5: let the kids go crazy placing the puffs on the glue!

All done!! :)

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