Sunday, November 25, 2012

a sale to die for!- Lilly Pulitzer!

Anyone who knows me personally knows that last summer I found my true love......... Lilly Pulitzer!

Omg, I'm obsessed! The cut, the fabric and the bold colors, I couldn't love it more!! I'm sure it helps that it was also the first time I had REALLY gone shopping since having my daughter and then losing another 25 lbs so suddenly things looked good!! :)

So I present to you, our readers, for anyone who loves Lilly..... You must check out this sale!

Here we are last year at the sale where we celebrated my daughter's 18 month birthday! :)

And one of our "Mommy & Me" purchases. Hey, if I can't have fun while she still doesn't say "no", why not, right?? :)

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