Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday link of Support- The Little Gym!

We have recently enrolled the kiddos into gymnastics class!! They have SUCH a great time! :)

Here is a video from the last class they took together! :)

We have tried a few similar gyms, but this one was our FAVORITE! In fact, two other little girls from our play groups are in the class too! :) They sure love learning and exploring together!

I wanted to also start Natalie in something where she knew she wasn't the center of the universe (all of the time.... ) hahaha! She needed to learn that sometimes it is someone else's turn and to learn the the overall structure of a class since I am home with her all day and she hasn't been exposed to that yet. I'm happy to say she is adjusting quite well! :)

We have been so impressed with the the little gym and wanted to share!!  Here is their website:  They have them all over the country!

We are so excited to be able the enroll the kids!! Thanks to our Etsy shop, we were able to give these classes as a gift to our babies!! :) <3

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