Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Link of Support!-smart shopping mama!

Who doesn't love a great deal??? Especially on children's/babies items!! These kiddos grow out of clothes and toys so fast that a lot of times they are outgrown before they are even used.

So here is an opportunity for you to get great deals on gently used or in a lot of cases, BRAND NEW items for literally a FRACTION of the price.

This is the motherload of all consignment sales!

They have them twice a year, in the spring and fall, and well worth the wait! The are held all over the country! All you have to do is look for your state to find an event:

Well, we are ADDICTED to them! Seriously, the week of the sale CONSUMES our lives. haha!

Mama Reina consigns AND volunteers at the event so that she and mama Rachel can get in and get the good deals early! This year, we even took it up a notch so that we could both shop and not have to mess up the baby nap schedules too much! Here is how we did it without hubbies having to get involved or hiring babysitters!

Reina volunteered for two three hour shifts running the registers, which also counted as doubles. So she got to go into the sale at the first possible pre-sale time at noon. Natalie, who usually doesn't nap until 2:00 was dropped off at Mama Rachel's house at 11:15 so that Reina could get to the sale on time. Then Natalie and wes played together (and did some crafts of course!) until it was time for Wes' nap. Rachel distracted Natalie so that she wouldn't be TOO sad when her boyfriend went to bed and so he wouldn't be too upset to miss the fun!

Here they are playing together during the many different days of hanging out! <3

Reina shopped until she literally dropped and then unloaded everything at home and picked up Natalie at 2:30 and by then Wes had woken up from his nap. Then Reina took both kids in the car back to her home so that mama Rachel could shop at the early friend of a consigner/volunteer slot!

Here is a shot of the kiddos in their matching car seats! :) A preview of things to come for Rachel when she little baby #2 arrives! :) Poor Natalie was a bit tired by this point.....

The key was to make sure we each had the car seats taken out of the car for MAXIMUM space to shop! :)

It took so serious juggling and long baby sitting between the two of us, but we did it without a babysitter or hubbies having to take off work! yay!

Here are some of the great finds/deals! Including a pottery barn kids chair that Natalie has been begging Reina for since Wes got one!

Next one in Philadelphia is coming up in March! This time, we may both volunteer so we both get in the first session. Keep you posted!!

Happy shopping and happy saving!! :) Pin It Now!

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  1. This looks awesome...just checked though, the closest one is in Grand Rapids...maybe I will go visit some of family there and make a weekend of it. It will be perfect for Christmas shopping lol.