Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday link of support!--- a little Bohemian Glam

A girl I went to High School with also is a fellow Etsy shop owner and we LOVE to show our support and love for fellow entrepreneurs, especially Etsy ones! :)

Laura's stuff is FANTASTIC, BEAUTIFUL and ORIGINAL! Be sure to check her out!


A touch of rustic paired with a touch of chic - Bohemian Glam. Available at or like her on FB

Company Overview
After many years of "pondering" and a ton of encouragement (and scolding) from friends and family, I have finally "officially" launched LaLe Luxe.

I started my journey out of my obsession with jewelry and the need to be creative and simply create. My inspiration comes from the people, places and world around me.

My second love is cooking. I am a self proclaimed foodie and consider myself something of a chef. I am always cooking something up in the kitchen.
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