Monday, August 20, 2012

A little Dr. Seuss magic

A good friend of mine has a  daughter named Alaina who is turning 4 years old! Her mama, Julie is a SUPER planner for her daughter's annual birthday bash! She starts planning over a YEAR in advance! So last year around this time, she told me she was doing a Dr. Seuss theme and my gears started turning.

Well, Alaina's party is in October, so I figured I would take advantage of some extra guilt free crafting time I had because the hubs was away on business for the week. :) Besides, I had season 4 of Gilmore girls on DVD from Netflix to get through! I know, I know, I'm like 10 years behind.....
ANYWAY, here is the Dr. Seuss/ Cat in the Hat inspired birthday banner we came up with!

We created a die cut hat from scratch! Most of the other hand made banners I have seen with a Dr. Seuss theme are either print outs, or they bought printed versions at Micheals to use. These are different. :) These have so much detail I can't be more proud of how it turned out!

And we have Thing 1 and Thing 2 in between the birthday year. :)

The letters are popped off with 3D foam squares for a deep look and we alternated red and white tulle to tie off the whole banner!

See our Dr. Seuss banner in our shop here

We hope that little miss Alaina LOVES her birthday banner! Check back in Octoberish for photos from the party! :)
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  1. Beautiful and creative! Will you let your lil' secret out on how you made the characters and hat? ;) Thanks so much